Lovely Sunset Inspired Jewelry Designs

Do you know the time where you wait in the evening for the sun to set, while you stand on the beach, feeling the soft grains beneath you, with the sea water lapping at your feet, with the sea breeze gently blowing through your hair and the smell of the sea reaches up and settles on your senses? As you soak up the sight of the sun setting beyond the horizon, you would wish that you would be able to capture that particular moment? How about some inspired jewelry designs?

Nowadays, we can capture anything, be it in photographs or jewelry, we can do it! I, for one, wanted to have some pieces of jewelry that reminded me of the beautiful sunset, so I did what I usually do; I went on a research frenzy! And I really found so many pretties!!

So up first, we have some wire wrapped, metal, aluminum and some combined with beads! These colors not only remind you of a beautiful sunset, it also looks like a sunset! These inspired jewelry designs are really amazing and it really mesmerizes you!

 photo il_570xN.766644996_e2pk_zpsf3niez4g.jpg photo il_570xN.768125278_a3hs_zps8qdartxm.jpg
by LouiseGoodchildby rosiethemage


by BeadedThreadby MaggiesNorthCountry


by JewelsByJaimeLynnby JazminsJewels


by HummingbirdArtGlassby 808TreasureBox


by 3LittleCraftersAreWeby CaraCreationz


by imprintbyeileenby HANNI





by CissyPixieby ThePoppyShoppeLLC


Other than that, look at this design. It is simple and all you have to do is to glue them together!

by AimPendants


Besides that, a bead itself can have its own design. Like in these two designs, the beauty of a sunset can be seen inside and it is so beautiful! The details really enchant you!

by lionspawjewelryby ChikoCraft


Or you could place some beads or some sea glass inside and wala! You have a magic potion sunset pendant! Simple, yet such a beauty to behold!

by ShopMiscellany


The sunset is indeed a wonderful thing and there is nothing that can replace it! So we do what we can to capture the beauty of nature with these inspired jewelry designs. So do not stop trying your best, instead keep going and never give up!


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