Kinds of Gemstones Used for Jewelry Making

Gemstones are stones which we hold quite highly in terms of value. And jewelry often consists of stones that add attractiveness to it, so it is not surprising when jewelry designers actually use gemstones in their designs. In fact, there are different types of gemstones that can be used for making jewelry. There are the expensive and pure gemstones, and there are also the imitation ones. The information below will provide some information about the kinds of stones you can use to create jewelry and how these stones will impact the jewelry you have created.

The first kind of stone which I believe we are all quite familiar with are birthstones. These stones are associated with individual’s month of birth. For example, Amethyst stone is connected with anybody who is born in February, which carries special significance in the area of emotions and also spiritually. This stone also signifies calm and peace, as well.


And then we have semi-precious stones, which are also often used in jewelry making. They are not as valuable as compared to precious stones, but still valuable. Best examples of these stones are aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, opal, and turquoise.

It is an ideal gift for someone who you deem special. Aquamarine pendants usually work well for anyone and is widely an accepted stone.



However, precious stones are the most unusual and precious jewels to us. Examples of some of them are emerald, sapphire, diamond, and ruby. These stones are usually very expensive, and are prized for their exquisiteness. These stones are commonly used in high-quality jewelry designs which costs quite a fortune to obtain. Jewelry designs with precious stones are usually given as exceptional gifts on special occasions. A perfect example is a diamond ring that is usually given as an engagement gift.


There are also synthetic stones which are often used to create jewelry. Synthetic stones are artificial imitations of gemstones. Synthetic Sapphire jewelry costs less compare with the authentic ones. Most of the time, imitation stones are used to save cost but at the same time have the similar look of the real stone.




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