Edgy Jewelry Making Tutorials

Want to have a little edge in your jewelry? Or something not that edgy? Here are some jewelry making tutorials that have that edge that will make you want to have some of these lovely pieces. I really love how these pieces are able to give out that lovely edge in their own designs!
You can make edged jewelry pieces by using pretty much anything! These jewelry making tutorials are really amazing and would look lovely when you wear them! These would also make lovely gifts or a lovely jewelry making session with your friends and family!
This video over here shows you how to create a macramé diamond square bracelet. It is really a pretty bracelet and you can see the diamond shapes that form around the bracelet!

Tutorial by Macrame School
Next up are pendants and necklaces. These pendants are not so conventional, these jewelry making tutorials uses tiles, bits of wood and also pieces of felt! The whole concept of these pieces is pretty straightforward!

Tutorial by Kelley JohnsonTutorial by Laura


Tutorial by Diane

You can go ahead and make any shapes actually, and with these tutorials as your stepping stone, you can start your own jewelry making! Don’t be afraid to try out these tutorials, you need to start somewhere eventually.

Tutorial by Lana RedTutorial by Rebecca

Next are a couple of earrings which are edgy enough for your edgiest wardrobe! These jewelry making tutorials are simple as usual and you can always make these as door gifts for a party!
Simple jewelry making tutorials are often a life saver when you need a quick piece of jewelry. It is also fun when you get to do something new and can always input your very own signature print onto your design.


Be on edge with beautiful jewelry and always be alert and diligent when it comes to designing jewelry pieces, whether or not it is custom made for a customer, family or friend!


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