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Hello everybody! How’s your day so far? Hopefully the week has not been too hard on you. Find time to relax and have fun and always remember to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated! You can’t accomplish anything if you fall sick and stay in bed all day with a clogged mind now, can you? Jewelry making tutorials are a way to help train your mind to constantly be active, so let us all stay healthy!

To relieve your day, here are some jewelry making tutorials that will or may help you remember stay afresh! So here are some jewelry making tutorials that, to me, look like a refreshing cup of water or juice!

So first, here are a couple of necklaces which you can make, and hang it around your neck so that it (hopefully) reminds you to drink that bottle of water and stay fresh!

Tutorial by RachelTutorial by Gloria


How about some clear beads in a wrap bracelet? The beads are like water and the cord is like the bottle! So it will be a good reminder which wraps itself around your wrist! Cool ain’t it?

Tutorial by Adrianne

Here are some crystal earrings which also give out that refreshing effect, and does it not remind you of a cup of ice, iced water and iced fruit juice? These designs will not only be your personal reminder of liquid intake, it will also be an awesome eye candy!

Tutorial by NikkiTutorial by Maegan



Tutorial by Alyssa



Lastly, here is a tutorial on a simple ring using beads, which kind of reminds me of the little fruit balls that pops in your mouth!

Tutorial by Rhonda Chase Design



Just think of having a refreshing drink at the end of a long day of work, and to me, that is all I need to wind down! Take some time with these jewelry making tutorials!

Have a refreshing week!


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