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Working with leather is not as scary as it may seem. It is actually really, really fun! When I first started out using leather for some small projects, I was really nervous of screwing up the pieces, because to me, it was not like beads, where you can take the design apart again and then place them back together again. For leather, once you cut it, it is hard to put them back together again. But, ever since I started doing more and more designs with leather, I have come across more and more tutorials which are very easy and simple to follow! And now I do not mind making leather jewelry pieces!

I will show you some jewelry tutorials which involves leather! First up I have here are some tutorials that are for necklaces. These jewelry making tutorials uses scrap leather pieces! So if you have any scrap leather pieces lying around, then put them to good use and make more jewelry with them!

  DSC_0247 make it
Tutorial by ClemenceTutorial by Elisheva


 finished-necklace-2 isly-handmade-diy-fringe-leather-necklace-tutorial-9
Tutorial by SibylleTutorial by Melissa


Wrapped jewelry is not just for wire wrapped jewelry. In the leather wrapped ring tutorial below, it teaches you how to successfully wrap a ring beautifully!

Tutorial by Lauren


And also not to leave out these jewelry making tutorials for leather wrapped bracelets! Aren’t they just gorgeous? Simple yet so eye catching!

 5608769165_4f2f51857e_z FQBQ22DHA4MKHCR.MEDIUM
Tutorial by ClemenceTutorial by schpeglar


There are many possibilities when it comes to leather. And it is so easy to craft a jewelry piece when you have ideas or references from other jewelry making tutorials which help boost your creativity! Check out these materials that will help you out!



Working with leather is a new experience and  I hope that you will consider in using leather with your designs! I hope that you will have an amazing time with these jewelry making tutorials!

Have fun with leather!


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