Awesome Stringing Jewelry Making Tutorials

Stringing is one of the fastest way to create a piece of jewelry; especially when you need something quick or you have a lot of beads and you want to use them up and make space for new beads? Then here are some jewelry making tutorials that will help you out perfectly!

Simple stringing really goes a long way. You can add spacer beads, or bugle beads, technically you can add many other things to your stringing! Here are some easy bracelets for you to make, just string them on and it is up to you to create something unique! Just like how you can combine a ring and a bracelet to make a ring bracelet! Simple, yet eye catching!

Tutorial by DawnTutorial by Anuschka


Other than stringing beading cords, you can string beads with cloth too! All you need are either old shirts or scrap cloths as stringing material. No need for expensive cords or string, just recycle your old clothing which costs you nothing at all! These two stringing jewelry making tutorials are examples of stringing using cloth and the end product is gorgeous! You can string all the beads at one go, or you could space them apart, and create a new pattern.

Tutorial by AmyTutorial by Erica


Here is another design which I find really fascinating, because the method of stringing flat beads is really interesting. The design is spectacular and the effect is that of stacked beads. It is simple yet you can wear it to any occasion and the color mix is flexible, so you can mix any colors to make it really pop or you could go by different shades of beads!

Tutorial by Kris


Rings are simple to make in these two jewelry making tutorials, so you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to figure a way to make yourself an awesome ring! These designs are beautiful and I cannot wait to start working on them too!

Tutorial by offthebeadedpath


Tutorial by Abalorios


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