Wired Jewelry Making Tutorials

If you like twisting wires, then wire jewelry is definitely for you! For me, I like how wires can be used to create all sorts of designs that you like! You can twist and twist all you like until you are familiar with designs or until you are confident that you can produce a piece without messing up in between! Today’s DIY jewelry making tutorials are easy and once you have gotten a hang of it, you can then move on to the intermediate tutorials!

First up, let us have a start with familiarizing ourselves with using wires.  With you being comfortable with handling 20ga wire, it would be easier to put your designs into motion!

Tutorial by KirstenTutorial by Kara


What you can do next is that you can input beads into your designs! These jewelry making tutorials are a good stepping stone for you and it helps you see where you can improve yourself in terms of wire jewelry making!

Tutorial by KaraTutorial by Kara


You can also use the beads as a focal bead and then wire wrap around it. You can put the beads in between the wires in wire crocheting and the designs below, as you can see, are beautiful. I have already tried them out, and they are pretty easy to wire together!

Tutorial by GloriaTutorial by Adrianne


Like the wire jewelry making tutorials below, you can practice until you are comfortable to control thicker and harder wire like the 28ga wire as you please.

Tutorial by EmiTutorial by Muhaiminah Faiz



july 137
Tutorial by Theresa


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Happy wiring!


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