Mini Book Charm Jewelry Tutorials

Books are a good source of knowledge and it is also where fantasy starts. It is where you gain knowledge and be wiser.  I have always loved books ever since I was a child. Reading a good book was like an adventure to me. To be able to relax with a book at hand and to just get my mind off the things that was going on and to see the world from a different point of view was just wonderful! So here are some Mini Book Charm Jewelry Tutorials for you!

All books have pages (obviously) , but in these mini book charm jewelry tutorials, the pages are all blank. It is like a blank slate and it is up to you if you want to make it filled with information or maybe filled with made up words, like a spell book!

Tutorial  by Ruby


There should be ready made miniature books available at the store and you can use them straight in your designs as like below! Simple and easy! I like the details in the design, like the apple and the lines on the side of the book as well as the texture of the book covers. I was, sort of, expecting a good story in those books!

Tutorial by shaunteTutorial by Heather


Or maybe you fancy a book made from scratch! Like theMini Book Charm Jewelry tutorials below, you can alter the thickness of the book and have any sort of covers for your own mini book! You can print out your own cover or you could make your own cover and add on the details on it according to your own liking!

Tutorial by ZzdiaTutorial by Wendy


You can also bind the books together using binder rings or by using a thread or ribbons! This way, you don’t have to wait for the glue to dry!

Tutorial by ienekijkt


Other than paper, you can make mini books from polymer clay! The Craft Cuckoo has a tutorial that shows you how to make one, complete with the details to make it look like a real book!

Tutorial by The Craft Cuckoo


Now ain’t the Mini Book Charm Jewelry Tutorials awesome? Try them out, prepare them as gifts to your kids, family and friends!

Happy crafting!



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