Freeform Wire Art Jewelry Book Review

So, while going about my daily sources of inspiration kick starters, I came across this one book which I find is very useful for creating Wire Art Jewelry.

The book review is on the book, Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing With Wire, Beads and Gems! The author is Gayle Bird whom I would say has done a very good job in guiding you step by step not only through her designs and tutorials, but also in everything you need to know about wire jewelry making, like choosing the right wires and what tools you need before you even start making wire jewelry!

Here’s a little more about her:


About the Author

Gayle Bird is an online education and course developer, writing and teaching curriculum for adult learners in various design subjects. She taught herself jewelry design and became a juried member of the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in Nova Scotia in 2007. Her jewelry is sold in stores across Nova Scotia.


You can effortlessly work your way through Gayle’s book, Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing With Wire, Beads and Gems because she covers the basics of wire jewelry making, techniques involved in wire jewelry making and clear and easy step by step instructions to her very own beautiful signature designs! To be honest, I never really got the hang of wire jewelry making. There was always something I felt was missing while I tried to craft using wires. But when I referred to Gayle’s Freeform Wire Art Jewelry book, I felt like wire jewelry making was just a breeze! With clear photos and instructions, this book is the awesome complete guide to making wire art jewelry!

The basics were more than enough for me to be comfortable with wires. And the techniques she has laid out in her book – twisting, curling, and wrapping wire, was so easy to follow that I found it weird that I was struggling with wire jewelry making before! Her projects are fun and beautiful, and it made me want to try them out! I believe that this book is beneficial to those who just started or want to start wire jewelry making, as it will blow your mind! For advance readers, don’t fret, this book serves as a good information giver when you need help with some wire jewelry inquiries!

Here are some examples of the her work which I find beneficial to all of you:

Freeform Wire Art Jewelry - Confetti Curl Earrings beauty imageThese are her Confetti Curl Earrings – Learn to curl away and weave your beads in between the wires!
Freeform Wire Art Jewelry - Rosette Ring beauty imageRosette Ring – It’s a beautiful variation of a normal wire ring.
 Freeform Wire Art Jewelry - Steps of Light Pendant beauty imageSteps of Light Pendant – Finding it hard to combine a variation of beads?
  Freeform Wire Art Jewelry - Double Strand Pendant beauty imageDouble Strand Pendant – where you get to learn to do curls nicely
 Freeform Wire Art Jewelry - Statement Necklace beauty imageStatement Necklace – This necklace uses the combination of techniques shown in the lessons and really gets you to practice those curls!


I will turn back to her book now when I need help or am stuck with wire jewelry, because it really does help when it comes to crafting wire art jewelry!

Come and purchase the book on Amazon here!

Freeform Wire Art Jewelry: Techniques for Designing with Wire, Beads, and Gems


By Gayle Bird

Fons & Porter/F+W; $24.99



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2 Comments On “Freeform Wire Art Jewelry Book Review”

  1. I was able to pre-ordered this book though Amazon, November of last year, when I first heard about it. I waited patiently for it to release and arrive, hoping I had not purchased something which would prove to be difficult a read or hard to follow instructions. I’m very happy to report that I’m so glad I ordered it, and even though waiting seem unbearable at times, once it delivered (April) – opening the package from Amazon was like striking gold. This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves wiring art, and wants to learn the technique. Even for someone such as myself, who has little to no experience in working wire, this book will prove very beneficial. I highly recommend ‘Freeform Wire Art Jewelry’ by Gayle Bird; and on a side note: the book itself is put together extremely well, sturdy pages, and binding.


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