Drop Beads for Jewelry Making

Drop beads are also known as fringe beads. These are small glass beads shaped like rounded teardrops. Their holes run in flat surface through their narrow ends. Drop beads are usually used as turning beads along the ends of beaded fringe pieces. You can also string them onto beading wire to produce an interesting texture.

In fact, these beads are slightly different from magatama beads. Standard magatamas feature a more circular, donut-like form and are not as narrowed unlike with drop beads. While, long magatamas are more likely in oval in shape and their sides are cut at different angles.

One of the famous types of drop beads are the Czech beads, which are perfect for making jewelry that really pops! Whether you are stringing them together for a fascinating bracelet or using them as drops for a stylish pair of earrings, it could be an appealing piece, as well.


Acrylic Drop Beads feature a wide teardrop shape that shows-off an enchanting color of each bead perfectly. These beads perfectly glow with a periwinkle with hints of soft purple tone. The nature and color make this pendant a small flower petal. These beads would even look great together in an assorted bracelet or a great accent in a necklace with a floral theme.Acrylic Teardrop beads


Shamballa Drop Beads are quite popular with bauble lovers and celebrities. If you truly enjoy creating your own jewelry pieces, using shamballa beads will allow you to customize your own jewelry as it to suits your own textures and in a creative way. They are nicely detailed with sparkling accent.


Here’s also Julie’s simple video tutorial how to construct your own wire wrapped drop bead bracelet that you can also use as charms. Learning the simple steps will teach you an easy ways for wire manipulation and provide you a brilliant idea using a tear drop bead. Create this fascinating bracelet in different colors and you’ll have a beautiful bracelet to match every season!

These sorts of drop beaded jewelries were really popular now and then; people are still using these beads as adornment and in different purposes, as well. No wonder that these jewelries are often beautiful.


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