Specialized Types of Glass Beads for Jewelry Making

Today, glass beads play a significant role in modern fashion. They are generally used in the form of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Most of the designers “wow” us with spectacular contrasts of colored stones such as gold, silver, and copper metals, which are carved into different shapes as well as, are designed in several ways.

Today, I’ll going to show you  some special types of glass beads.

First is the Bojanglebeads’ beautiful glass beads are in the stunning shape of a heart in a black, metal glass with electroplated silver around its edges.

The most remarkable usage of glass beads is through jewelry making. These beads tend to be more intricately and specifically designed than other beads. The visual effect of these beads is considerably improved when used in contrast with metal, gemstones, wire wrapping, and knotting. A perfect example is the Firemountaingem’s pressed glass beads that are produced through a liquefied colored glass with unique shape.

Glass beads became significant material in jewelry making with its discovery 3,400 years ago. It have been connected with the Roman Empire as well as, with Egyptians, Mediterranean, and Venetian cultures. In fact, there are other specialized categories of glass beads with great value and versatile jewelry components that can be used for creating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Along with it’s history, Czech Jewellery’s “fire-polished” faceted beads derived its name from two different process: first, the glass which is poured into round-bead molds, while the second process is directly faceted through a grinding wheel. These beads are quite reasonable in price and a perfect alternative to hand-made, faceted crystal or glass.

Moreover, there are several specific glass-working methods that produce a unique appearance of glass beads. One common type of beads that is produced through a special technique is Dichroic Glass Inc.’s dichroic glass beads that display a 2 or more semi-transparent, micro-layer of metal.

Glass beads are ideal for various craft projects as they can be easily used on fabric and other home decor designs.  Glass beading provides an interesting diversion for a lot of people who express their creativeness through this ancient craft. I hope that you have enjoyed your journey into the magnificent art of beading!

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