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Hi again! Today is indeed again another good start for a brand new day! Well, technically every day is a good start! It means that you did not pass on to the other side and can now again enjoy another wonderful day with Mother Nature’s creations!

You can spend your evening with loved ones looking up into the sky and look out for the stars that are somewhere far away in the galaxy just orbiting and minding its own business. We can admire how dazzling these stars look from a far. But what happens if you want to have a star for yourself? It is impossible to have a shooting star for yourself or a star from the sky to come hurdling down to earth just for you (in this case we may very well all not be able to see another new day!).

So, what is the next best thing? Making mini stars, of course! Mini stars don’t damage any houses or bring about destruction. Unless it is a star shaped bullet hahahaha! To make star jewelry isn’t hard at all. I mean, real stars are harder to recreate, so now the stars we have are simplified and much, much cuter than the original one!

Here are some earrings that has stars as their focus! I love how they dangle of the ears. They look like stars captured in their glory!

Tutorial by CarolinaTutorial by WolfDreamer


Tutorial by Amy


Tutorial by Heather


Tutorial by Beading4perfectionis


I also found some bracelets which also are star themed and just look how wonderful they look! Try them out and let me know the outcome!

Tutorial by Carolina


Tutorial by Ashley


What about tutorials for a star ring? Not bad, eh?

Tutorial by Juliana


Why not make your own star charms? You can make a star shaped charm or a star inside a cane charm!

Tutorial by Cara


tutorial by creativesculpey


If you have some difficulty getting started on these tutorials, why not click the below materials and see if they help you out!



Happy DIY-ing!


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  1. Thank you so much for including my tutorial! I’m flattered and I really appreciate it 🙂 x


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