DIY – Polka Dots!

Hello everyone! Today is another brand new day! Let us start new projects and friendships this week!

For today, I was thinking polka dots. Polka dots are spots. Pretty spots on jewelry. Now ain’t that fun? ūüôā Making jewelry has never been this much fun no? I love to have random spots in my designs for jewelry, but today, I am going for more consistency in my spots. That is why I have found tutorials which has more uniformed spots in their design pieces for you to follow!

These tutorials are really easy to follow and I guarantee that you will have your very own collection of polka dots! Polka dots can be of any color, just like any other pieces of jewelry that we have been beading, making and designing! That’s the beauty of creativity! ūüôā

So let us not dally on and let us get started on these cute polka dots! First up are these earrings. Dotted earrings. So adorable and fun to wear out! These will go very well with plain or your dotted outfits! These little amazing and sweet earrings are bound to attract some attention! Everything is in the little details!

Tutorial by MarilynClarkTutorial by Tiffany Windsor


Tutorial by JessicaTutorial by Anna


Let us now move on to the next few polka dot jewelry DIY tutorials. These are lovely necklaces.¬†Lovely polka dot necklaces for your neckline. Don’t you agree that these designs flatter your neck? And these are so easy to make! Simple, beautiful, and amazing designs for your personal collection!

Tutorial by FrancescaTutorial by Kim


How about some bracelets? Polka dot bracelets aren’t bad. In fact, they are gorgeous! Just look at them! Something different yet beautiful.

Tutorial by Julieta


Tutorial by faithhopelove001


These are some other polka dot tutorials: A headpiece and buttons!

Tutorial by SavannahTutorial by Anna


Thanks for dropping by! If there are any tutorials that you would love for us to find, do drop us a message!


Have a lovely day!

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