DIY – Faux-y Jewelry!

Have you ever wanted to have different kinds of beads or materials that you get to see online but do not have them? Are you lacking on resources to make your jewelry designs complete? Then today’s tutorials will  be able to help you out and will have you completing your designs in no time at all!

I have had some issues where I see an amazing tutorial of which I want to follow, but then realize that I do not have those kind of beads. Or I wanted to have multiple colors of the same bead but I only want a few and not the whole bag of it. So, I went on a hunt to see if I could find any faux beads tutorials. And what d’ya know? I found loads of them on the internet!

Click the images or the links below the images to access the tutorials!

I will be placing a few tutorials on this post today, so that you can try them out, and also that you will not be overwhelmed by so many tutorials.

Up first I will present to you these tutorials that teaches you how to make faux stones!

Tutorial by DesireeTutorial by Kathy Halverson


Tutorial by nikimeiners


Tutorial by PolyformProducts


Tutorial by Debi’s Design Diary


Up next are a couple of jade tutorials. They really do look like the real deal! Now if I ever want to have a couple of jade pieces, I can make my own in any shape or size!

Tutorial by AdriaTutorial by Kathy Halverson


How about a couple faux opals? Don’t these look amazing? I would not have guessed that they were fake! These are really wonderfully made and are so beautiful! I can’t wait to try these tutorials out!

Tutorial by Diana


Tutorial by Mo Clay


I hope that you can benefit from these amazing tutorials and will have a wonderful time trying these out for yourself!

If you find that you prefer the real deal, check these out here and get some for yourself!



Have a merry and wonderful day!


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