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I realised that I love many things. Well, to me, those many things are just waiting to be loved. From humans to animals, from plants to beads! Hahahaha!

Today, I will be listing out some tutorials which are based on the color: blue. I really do like the fact that I can use all sorts of colors to make jewelry and that I have a collection of jewelry that I have separated by colors! I love me some light blues. And the best thing is, that when I put them on, I don’t feel blue(sad); in fact, I feel happy and confident! In a way I can safely say that it brings out the happy in me!

So let us rid the thought of Monday blues and fight it with blues! Let us be prepared for the upcoming Mondays and let us be ready to fight the Monday blues with blue jewelry!

Click on the links below the images to view the tutorials.

As you know, all colors have different shades of its own color. So for the tutorials below, they are all in the middle shades of blue. I love the designs and how easy it is to make these pieces of necklaces!

Tutorial by KirstenTutorial by Donatella


Tutorial by Stephanie


These couple of bracelets are also magnificent! And the step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow! That is what, is most important in  a tutorial. You need to be clear for your viewers to come back wanting for more!

Tutorial by beejangTutorial by  The Blue Brick



Here’s a pair of dangly earrings! Pretty isn’t it? It looks so simple and chic!  It is so awesome that a pair of earrings can influence the mood of your outfit!

Tutorial by pinkchocolatebreak


Blue is just another color for you to play around with. Experiment for yourself and see which shades of blue combination goes together so that you can have another masterpiece to show the world!

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