Wire Jewelry Tutorial: How to make Adjustable Heart Ring

Grace Zarfati has come up with another wire jewelry design in the shape of a heart, the Heart Adjustable Ring. In this wire jewelry tutorial by Grace Zarfati and XQDesigns you’ll learn 2 variations of the heart design using simple wire manipulation techniques that’s easy, even for beginners, especially, those who are just starting and learning how to make wire jewelry with wire wrapping, wire manipulation and making loops. Expert jewelry makers will also love to make this ring because it’s too cute and irresistible,not to try it out. You’ll be amazed with what you can do with wire manipulation.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial











Materials Needed and Tools Needed
• 18 gauge artistic wire or sterling wire (half hard)
• Flat or bent nose pliers
• Wire cutter
• Round nose pliers
• Mandrel or any rounded object

Step 1: As a beginner, it is better to use an artistic copper wire. In this tutorial, for a size 6 ringcut about 5 inches of wire and using your round nose plier make a small loop at the tip of the wire.

Note: For bigger size ring cut more than 5 inches of wire.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 2: Bend about 1 cm from the loop to form a V shape.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 3: Then about 1cm, using your round nose pliers bend the wire downward making a half loop like shown in this picture.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 4: Using your bent nose or flat nose pliers, from the tip of the plier make a small V shape to form a heart shape like shown in this picture.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 5: Repeat Step 1 to 4 and do the same for the other end of the wire, making the loop in opposite direction to have an inverted heart.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 6: When you’re done, you should have an opposite heart like shown in this picture.Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 7: Using a mandrel or any rounded object such as a pen, shape the wire to fit your finger.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Place the other end of the heart on the mandrel or pen and using your thumb hold it tightly. Use your left hand to wrap the wire onto the mandrel to form the ring band.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Step 8: Adjust your ring according to your fittings. While still on the mandrel, hammer the ring band for texture and hammering will also make the ring band harder.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial

You should have the hearts at opposite directions.
Wire Jewelry Tutorial


This is what’s fun with this ring design is; you can create a variation of the ring design.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial


For an alternative design of the Adjustable Heart Ring, watch the video tutorial!


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