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Hello again! Hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! Hoping that you all had a great time with your special someone. And for those single people out there, do not be weary and enjoy your singlehood to its fullest! There is a bright side to a lot of things in life! So today, we will be venturing into something turquoise. Why you may ask? This is my answer to you: There’s beauty in every color, and I want you to be able to see it in jewelry too!

Turquoise is a very pleasant color. Pleasing to the eye and it just relaxes me. It is such a pretty color! It is said that turquoise has the power of protection and that it is also a symbol of wisdom and has immortality powers!

No matter what the definition given to this color over the centuries, it is still loved by all and used by all! Turquoise beads are awesome!

These turquoise colored necklaces really brings out the calmness in you. The color brings about this quality of peace that when all who see it will be at ease and I believe that this will help to have a relaxing time with closed ones.

designed by darlingnecklacedesigned by BohoYogaJewelry


designed by WildflowersAndGracedesigned by MadetoLayer


These bracelets are so pretty! The bracelet does not even have to be fully turquoise to be eye catching! Just a portion of it and that is all it takes for a wonderful piece of jewelry to be worn!

designed by Haneelovedesigned by StephanieMartinCo


designed by Suusjabeadsdesigned by Suusjabeads


Oh! Check these rings out! One bead is good enough for the ring to have that zen feel! But more is awesome too! Look how these designers have managed to put turquoise beads together and create stunning rings!

designed by AJCjewelrycreationsdesigned by LaurenKusar


designed by ElephantBeadsdesigned by WesternStars


These turquoise earrings are like little droplets of calm packed together! So pretty aren’t they? These earring are sure to catch the eye of people and also give you the air of calmness!

designed by LilliDollidesigned by jewelersparadise


designed by Lammergeierdesigned by MisPearlBerry


Wishing that you have a great peaceful day!


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