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Is everyone having a lovely day? Have you had a great and awesome week? Or did you go through a tough week full of deadlines and meetings after meetings? Want to wind down? Why not have some fun by making flowers? Clay is a fun medium to play with. You can do anything to it. You can pull it, pinch it roll it, and it will fall into your desired shape!
You can do a lot with clay. You can make beads, or pendants, or figurines and so much more! That is why I simply love playing with clay. I can make any beads or pendants or charms as I please!

So are you ready to have another flowery awesome day? As i have said before(or have I not?), flowers are awesome and one should always cherish these beauties for what they are and just bask in their awesome flower power!
Today I want to show you that in the world of jewelry, there is no one particular way to make jewelry; there are multiple ways in which you can create a masterpiece jewelry and proudly parade it around! So let us take the first step today and venture into the world of flowers!

These tutorials are really simple! With step by step instructions, who says we can’t make pretty (though not real) flowers?

Tutorial by DarlaTutorial by Margaret

Tutorial by FrancescaTutorial by Rachana


Flowers, flowers, EVERYWHERE!! 😀 They really do beautify the earth. Without these colorful wonders, our lives would be so dull, wouldn’t it?

Tutorial by How to DIY instructionsTutorial by Marketa


Let us join our hands together and have a little dance to celebrate the beauty of the flowers which are all around us! I do hope that today’s tutorial will be benificial and that you are able to learn or create a whole new jewelry piece!

Tutorial by Korrina

tutorial by Mo Clay

tutorial by Mo Clay

I do hope that these tutorials are able to help give you a rough idea on how to DIY your things!


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