DIY: Zip up your Zipper!

Zippers are usually used to keep something inside and to make sure nothing falls out from it and goes missing. Nowadays, us people have come up with many new ways to create new things from existing things! So, you know where I am going with this: Want to have awesome zipper jewelry? Come on over for some! We have some tutorials gathered together just for you to see and learn.

Zippers are important because you can keep a pair of jeans with a faulty zipper and just change the zipper and reuse the pair of jeans! Zippers are very handy to have around! Who knew something that we use in our clothing, would be used for jewelry making?

Let us come together to view the zipper necklaces that I have gathered over here! You can use leftover zippers or you can get new ones, it does not matter as much; because in the end, some tutorials needs you to cut and just take the metal part for the jewelry piece, therefore whether it is new or broken, you are still able to create a jewelry piece out of a zipper!

 Tutorial by michele Tutorial by michele


Tutorial by Rujna


What about these zipper bracelets? Aren’t they just super? You can trick your friend into thinking that you have a pouch as a bracelet! Then you can proudly show them the piece of jewelry on your wrist and say that you did it all by yourself!

Tutorial by CathyTutorial by Misty

Tutorial by HeidiTutorial by Lady of Niger


Tutorial by chloeinlove


Tutorial by simpleDIYs

Tutorial by Thalita Makes
Check out these earrings too! They are just so unique and awesome! I would not have been able to think of something like these with zippers! I would have just made them into scrapbook material; instead of making DIY jewelry pieces for myself!

Tutorial by LindsayTutorial by Ama


I hope that this zipper session has helped unzip the marvelous ideas hidden in your brain and your ideas are overflowing and that you go for it and try out new ways to create jewelry pieces!

Have a great and creative day!

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