DIY: Teardop Jewelry

Teardrop shapes are one of my loves. I like the way it is shaped and love that beads and other mediums can achieve that similar shape. Teardrop jewelry does not mean that the jewelry pieces are for those who tear up or cries! Because technically it is the shape of a droplet of water, and it does not say that only teardrops have that shape. Normal tap water also has that shape. So do not think that teardrop jewelry are for people who feel down. It is for everyone! I will show you some jewelry tutorials that have captured the beauty of teardrops.

Click the links below the images to be directed to the tutorials!

You can do a lot with this pretty shape. Teardrop earrings! Just look at these designs! Aren’t they beautiful? You can decorate the teardrop earrings with beads inside the shape or outside it. Put your creativity into your own designs and you will have your very own original, beautiful DIY teardrop earrings!

Tutorial by BettinaTutorial by Mere


Tutorial by RebeccaTutorial by Jenni


Tutorial by ClaireTutorial by Gina


For these designs below, the designers have thought out of the box to achieve the teardrop shape and have used threads and papers to create a wonderful pair of earrings each which are pretty and attractive! Try these two tutorials out and maybe you can add on to it and input your sense of style into it!

Tutorial by kittenhoodTutorial by Mere


Tutorial by Lily


For necklaces, I have these designs that uses teardrop shaped beads and the way that these pieces are designed are simple unique and amazing! Simple yet elegant designs are awesome! You do not need to decorate it heavily for your pieces of jewelry to stand out amongst the crowd! Think smart and out of the box and do not be afraid to mix mediums!


Tutorial by Michelle Tutorial by Allie



Tutorial by lucykiins


Here a couple of tutorials for bracelets. You can either go for teardrop beads or make teardrop shaped wires and link them together like the tutorials below!


Tutorial by AnneTutorial by Lisa


As you can see, you can do a lot with just one theme in mind. So if you could, have a theme or a goal to work towards to and then focus on it, and you will see the designs blossoming in your head!
Happy beading!


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