DIY: Safety Pins as Jewelry

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that you can safely say that it is safe? I do not think you do! Worry not, with the help of the internet, you are able to get a lot of different kinds of tutorials that suits your needs! Color coded DIYs to recycled DIYs! All sorts, I tell you; and all over the internet is where you can find them!

I was online browsing for some latest designs for making jewelry pieces, and I say this bracelet that looked unique and I could not place my finger on how unique it is! So I zoomed into the image and lo and behold, I was surprised that the bracelet I saw was made from safety pins! Instantly my brain went into awed mode and was I excited! This is because I now know that I found yet another awesome piece of jewelry which I can DIY and use the things that I already have in my house!

How creative these designers are! Bracelets are made using just safety pins and beads! Easy to get materials yet the outcome is so impressive! Have some safety pins to spare? Try these tutorials out then!

Tutorial by trinketsinbloomTutorial by redflycreations


Tutorial by shellieTutorial by Olivia


Tutorial by Nicole_DavidTutorial by Leslie


Not just bracelets, necklaces too! Safety pin necklaces are pretty too! It is simply amazing when you get to see how the human mind thinks and are able to come up with amazing ideas and deisgns!

Tutorial by EricaTutorial by Krissie


Tutorial by Amy

by Helen

by Hectanooga1
Would you ever think of using safety pins as rings? I know I would not have thought of that! But just look how these designs uses safety pins as the main focus for these couple of rings! Easy and simple. Yet I am in awe how they look at things and manage to come up with something so interesting!

Tutorial by JenniTutorial by Milica



It is such an amazing thing when someone else comes up with an excellent idea and then shares it with the world!

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