DIY: Magical Floating Jewelry

Hello again my lovely readers! How has your year been so far? I hope all is going well! It is now the second month of the year 2015. Time really does fly by! Soon, the month of February will come to an end, and the March will be here to stay for a while! Where does time go? I have wondered over and over again and I am still dumbfounded by how time just constantly goes by! Does the passed time float in an endless vast time warp? Hahaha Today’s DIYs are related to floating! Not floating in endless time though; nevertheless the DIYs floats! Intrigued? Of course you are!

Do you like magic? Have you been to magic shows and then awed by the presentations? It still gets me excited when I see magic shows, no matter on the television or at live shows! I have here today tutorials of jewelry that float! Okay, it does not really float, it is not magic, but it LOOKS like it’s floating, and it still is magical to me! And I like me some magical jewelry! I really do not mind fooling the eye haha!

This is why I am really excited to show you today’s selection of tutorials! These DIY’s are amazing and really it’s like magic at first glance! Are you ready to play this jewelry trick on your friends? Let’s go then!

Click on the links below the images to view the tutorials!


Here are some DIY tutorials on floating necklaces! See for yourself! they really do look like they are floating aren’t they? So magical!!

Tutorial by ChaeTutorial by dora


Tutorial by HeatherTutorial by Brooke


Here’s a couple of video tutorials for you!

tutorial by electicdesigns

tutorial by ruby


These bracelets are so amazingly floating! What a way to impress your friends and family! Designs are simple yet so eye catching! Don’t miss out and try making these floating bracelets!

Tutorial by AllisonTutorial by Macted


Tutorial by Michele
These earrings are also floating and ain’t it wonderful to have them dangling off your ears as if there’s nothing attached to it?

Tutorial by ErinTutorial by Heidi


Tutorial by Little Mom on the PrairieTutorial by Hartx3


Try these floating tutorials and have some fun! Here are some things to get you all geared up!
1. Thread


2. Beads

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