DIY: Glitter Up!

Feeling a little dark? Need a little but more sunshine in your life? Want some bling to bring up yourself? Or have an outfit and you want to shine with it? There is a solution to that! Bling up your outfit with some jewelry that glitter and that can shine and sparkle! Now you can sit back and relax and take a breather. Okay, now get back up and let us get down to business, because these are tutorials for you to DIY!

I love to do my own pieces of jewelry, because then I can do any variation and can do according to when I want! 😀 Now ain’t that just awesome?? Okay, so jewelry that glitters. These tutorials are awesome for just that cause! It will glitter throughout the day or night, just for you! Don’t let anyone tell you that glittered jewelry is not for you, view these tutorials and try them out and show them how beautiful you look with these pieces of jewelry!

Do click the images or the links below the images to access the tutorials!

Come on and let us check these necklaces that will shimmy shimmy its way to your heart! These tutorials are all easy to follow and make! Do try them out and have your very own glittered necklaces!

Tutorial by AshleyTutorial by Jaime


Tutorial by yayangssTutorial by Brandy


Ooh! Glittery bobby pins and rings! Just look how they glitter under the light! So shiny and sparkly! And it looks like you bought it at a jewelry store! Simple steps and fast crafting time! Do try these DIYs!

Tutorial by BriTutorial by Stephanie


Tutorial by Melissa

Tutorial by HapyFriendsShoppe
Earrings! So shiny and sparkly, glittered earrings! Small but packs a powerful punch of glittery effect! Do not be so fast in dismissing these earrings! They will definitely make you pop out and be the center of attention!

Tutorial by CathyTutorial by Erin


Tutorial by KirstenTutorial by MistyAurora


by IamBiscuit
Let’s not wait any longer! See something you want to get started on? Try away now! See your pieces come together with these simple DIY’s! Let the glitter era begin!

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