DIY: Eye-Catching Neon Jewelry!

What a bright day it is! Ready to brighten it up a little but more? What about some neon jewelry DIY today? That would be great, no? You can brighten up your friends and family by gifting one or a few of these neon pieces of jewelry! All you have to do is to start making these neon pieces and then wrap them up, and they will be ready to be gifted!

Let’s get started!

Click the links below the images to view the tutorials, and click the video screenshot to view the video tutorial!


Here are some bright neon necklaces that you can easily make from the comfort of your home! That’s why it is called DIY isn’t it? Haha The materials are not hard to get, and you do not need to worry about expensive materials this time round! These designers have made it so easy and affordable that it brighten up my day!

Tutorial by RachelTutorial by Karie


Tutorial by RinchenTutorial by Natalie


Tutorial by Jenni


Tutorial by oMissMLEo


Next up we have these amazing neon designed bracelets which, of course, will definitely light up your arm! What more could you ask for if you want to be the light that lights up the streets? These bracelets will not only attract attention because of its color, it will attract the eyes of people also because of its exquisite design! So what are you waiting for? Hurry and let’s get started on these beauties!

Tutorial by Jenni


Tutorial by AdrianneTutorial by Misty


Tutorial by STARVING TV!


What about some earrings that will light up the face? These neon earrings will bring the attention to your pretty face and people will not be able to focus on your little neon earrings dangling so prettily at your ears. It is like moth to a flame, where people’s eye will be automatically drawn to your earrings and will be able to see your little handiwork right at your ears!

Tutorial by JenniTutorial by Carly


Tutorial by Katie


Last but not least, is this pretty petite neon ring tutorial! It is a beautiful neon flower! One ring is all it takes to light up your outfit of the day, and hopefully light up another person’s day too!

Tutorial by Tracey


Hope these tutorials are able to inspire you to create DIYs of your own and also to share with the world!


Have a great day!

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