DIY: Bobby Pins!

Hello y’all wonderful people! I am so glad for another brand new day! Why you may ask. I will tell you why! This is because I have found another bunch of tutorials just for all of you to follow and try out! And this time the piece that we will look into are bobby pins!

I’ve seen like tons of plain bobby pins and I usually just pass them by without much thought. But after seeing a tutorial on decorating bobby pins, I was like, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?? Yea, I can be a little dramatic at times. But who wouldn’t? 😀 Anyway, I then continued to find more tutorials and I have an amazing haul!

I will delay you no more! First up are these bobby pins that are either plain or coloured on! It’s pretty and the tutorials are simple and quick and you can make any color that you want!

Click the links below the images to be directed to the tutorials!

Tutorial by JillTutorial by Andrea


Tutorial by Alianne


Up next are these stick on rhinestones and buttons and ! Pretty, shiny and 100% DIY! Try them out with your loose rhinestones or buttons and have yourself a pretty DIY decorated bobby pin which you can wear it by itself or make it into a necklace!

tutorial by PoojaTutorial by Aki


Tutorial by TheArtSwallowTutorial by christunabw


Beaded bobby pins!! You can use your remaining beads to create your own masterpiece on bobby pins! Let your creativity flow and be creative with coming up with amazing designs! Let’s view these beaded bobby pin tutorials!

Tutorial by EricaTutorial by Kimberly


Here’s s video tutorial:

Tutorial by t mclean


And why not some fabric designs, or polymer clay or even threaded ones? eh? These designs are still amazing and seriously you can technically design whatever you want onto these bobby pins and you would still have amazing bobby pins!

Tutorial by MandyTutorial by Ashley


Tutorial by True BiasTutorial by Rebekah


I hope these tutorials have helped you in some way!

Happy crafting!




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  1. What a wonderful selection – very inspiring 🙂


  2. The links to the tutorials are not working.


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