How to Make Beaded Mandala Earrings

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning, “circle.” In Buddhism and Hinduism it is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the universe. We are not here to talk about spirits and rituals but we are here to talk about and learn how to make beaded mandala earrings! 🙂

Mandala is a popular beaded handmade jewelry design. You’ll find so many colorful and elegant variations. Some are created as earrings, pendants or charms. When I first saw a beaded mandala earrings I was wondering how to create them. Are you wondering, too? Well, wonder no more because with the help of Wanda Epps from Making Beaded Jewelry blog, you’ll learn circular flat peyote beading technique used to create beaded mandala earrings.

Prepare 8/0 seed beads in 5 colors; yellow, turquoise, green, orange and dark blue. Prepare also a beading thread, 2 ear wires and beading needle and then let’s begin!

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Wanda Epps from state of Virginia is a full-time worker bee, part-time jewelry artist and website publisher. Making beaded jewelry is her passion. After discovering beads, she continued exploring new techniques for making jewelry with beads. As a human resources trainer Wanda love teaching others and it is also visible in her passion for making beaded jewelry. On her blog, Making Beaded Jewelry you will learn jewelry making techniques, have fun and of course, be inspired by Wanda’s creations.

Along with other talented jewelry designers we are proud and thankful to have Wanda Epps on DIY Beading Magazine #24. Together with Wanda we hope you will be inspired by her Victorian Choker Necklace.

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