DIY: Pearlies for your Pearl Jewelry

Welcome again to our humble site! I am so very glad that you are here reading this post. Today, I will bring about pearls into discussion. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and colors, just like other beads or precious stones.

Pearls are usually portrayed as a beautiful, perfectly round shaped, beige colored stone. But do keep in mind that natural pearls are actually not a perfect rounded pearl! It varies in size and shape and color because nature is so amazing that it can afford to have their own designs for each pearl!

Just click on the images and it will lead you to the tutorials for the Pearl Jewelry that will guide you to make your own pieces!

Here are some pearl jewelry tutorials for necklaces with pearls in the design. You cannot go wrong with pearls as they have this quality that just has that “Wow” factor in them! Simple or more advance designs are equally beautiful. As long as you can capture the beauty of the pearls, your designs will just pop!

by Rebeccaby Maegan


 by Oyindoubara


For the earring section, making pearl earrings are easier than you think! These tutorials below, demonstrates step by step instructions for you to follow! It is straight forward and the designs are simply wonderful!

by Emiby Sarah


by Erinby Geneva


Bracelets are an awesome accessory. These pearl bracelets will make you think twice when you choose what jewelry to wear when you go out.  Wearing pearl jewelry somehow makes you trendier and more sophisticated! Try your hand at making them, I promise you, that you will not regret it!

by Pooja Destri


So why not you try and follow these tutorials and see how your finish product will look like! You do not need to use beige colored pearls for all your designs, be like other designers and try out the other colored pearls! Be brave and go wild with your designs and one day, your designs may be seen all over the internet and the world!


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T25coverT24 Elegant Beaded Necklace Making Tutoriall51 Cielo de Perlas Tutorial
T25 ebook Elegant Beaded BridalT145coverl28 Midnight Mystique Tutorial

Happy Crafting!

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