DIY Bracelet From Rags to Couture Style

Leather accessories has become a hit last year, but I think when it comes to fashion jewelry there is no end to its fad, don’t you agree? We can always wear the type of accessory or handmade jewelry we’d like to wear as long as you feel good and feel fashionable wearing your accessory.  Today, Madeleine of Rags to Couture will show you how a diy bracelet leather strip can be turned into something funky, yet feminine in style. 🙂

To make this funky stylish diy bracelet you need a strip of leather. It doesn’t have to be a new leather. A scrap of reusable leather can do. You also need a chain and lots of it. Madelaine suggest to use unsoldered chain. You should also have a leather puncher tool, a metal button for the closure and lastly, an E600 glue. Let’s start and I promise within minutes, you’ll have new piece of leather!

Cut out the piece that’s around an inch/2.5 cm wide. The base needs to be sturdy, so don’t make it too wide! Deciding the length can be a little tricky with the closure we are going to use. You have to do the trial and error thing here.

Fold the cut leather like this and glue it together.

Prepare the parts to make a closure. Cut 2 pieces of leather strip and bring up your metal button.

Fold the suede loops in half. You will need to finish the base before wrapping the chain. The chain will make the base a little thicker, so leave some room for the chain when deciding how long you want the bracelet to be. Here is the button loop glued onto the base.

Here is the finished piece ready for the chain! The chain is quite heavy so adding additional layer of leather at the back will make the base sturdy.

Now, punch a hole at sides.

Attach the chain by opening the end link with a pliers and put it through the hole.

Close with pliers, and start wrapping! Try wrapping with even tension.

When you’re finished wrapping the chain around the base, punch a hole where the chain finishes, attach chain through hole and close it up. You can also put some glue on the first row of chain on each side of the bracelet to secure it and to make sure the chain wouldn’t slid off while wearing it.

…and here is the finish chain wrap bracelet! Simple, inexpensive, yet super dooper stylish 🙂 Love it!


From Rags to Couture is where Madeleine shares some of her best DIY projects and also ramble on about things she finds important, like monster movies and antiques. Follow Madeleine on her blog and see what interesting things you and she can share!
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Here’s a quick update from DIY Beading Club – a new beading tutorial has been published!

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    1. I am new to the whole seed bead thing. I just love running my fingers through the beads and have purchased more than enough to get started. Yes! I admit I am a bead hoarder but could be worse right? Right! I have difficulty doing Peyote and have to start and re-start several times before it comes together, but I refuse to let this beat me. The next stitch I want to tackle is just a straight flat bead weaving stitch using a simple loom. Wish me luck!
      I love your website and all the information you offer, congrats on your success! I will keep reading…


    2. As nice as this piece is, it is not chainmaille……It is beautiful, but I would not consider this a chainmaille piece.


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