Beading Tutorial: How to bead shapes with Superdou beads

It has been awhile since I shared a beading tutorial. I thought of sharing one today and consider this as my early Christmas gift so I hope you will like it. 🙂

Today, I’ll share a beading tutorial using only 1 type of bead, the Superdou beads! I wanted to make a shape that I can use in 2 ways and with Superdou it was super easy and fun. 🙂 And in just 3 steps you will have a Superdou beaded component that you can use in various ways.

Now, prepare Superdou beads in 2 colors. I have mine in opaque white and blue iris. The design can also work with Twin Beads. Follow the diagrams I have created.

See how easy and quick it is? Now you can use your Superdou beaded component however you want it. Position the component like a square shape and connect from 2 corners. You can also connect from 1 corner and you will have a star shape or diamond shape.

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Check out what I did with my Superdou beaded component. Each component is connected by another Superdou, that created a circular-like shape.

Voila! Hope you like this short, quick and easy beading tutorial I shared. 🙂 Happy beading weekend guys!

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Sky Aldovino

I am a self-taught beadweaver who loves to learn and share her knowledge on jewelry making through blogging and published tutorials you'll find at DIY Beading

    8 Comments On “Beading Tutorial: How to bead shapes with Superdou beads”

    1. Love I can’t wait to try to make this…. Thank u keep it up


    2. Please I will to understand it more. Nice job.


    3. I am drawn to this bracelet. I will have to make it.


    4. Love working with Super Duo’s.
      Thank you!


    5. Thanks for sharing. I am trying to learn on my own also. Love the different pieces you have made. Liz


    6. sharon jandrowski

      Love the bracelet. Thanks


    7. I really appreciate you sharing your work. Would you be able to tell me how to connect the components and add a clasp. Thank you .


    8. I would love to make this bracelet. However, I am 72 years old and have no idea how to join components and add clasp. I am only able to follow patterns and video tutorials. Could you possibly show how you connected components and added clasp? It would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank You


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