DIY Wire Jewelry: Coiled Earrings Tutorial


DIY Wire Jewelry: Coiled Earrings Tutorial

Happy weekend! Let’s have a fun diy wire jewelry project! Learn a simple trick to coil the wires that looks complicated. This tutorial shows step-by-step pictorial guides in making the earrings.

Materials Needed:
1mm dia (18 gauge) of thick copper wire
0.4mm (26 gauge) thin copper wires
2 faceted round beads.

Tools Needed:
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire Cutter

Step 1:

Cut approximately a 36-inch thin wires (26 gauge wires) and a 6-inch thick wires (18 gauges). . The thick wire is used as the mandrel to coil the thin wires.

Attach one end of the thin wire onto the thick wires (18 gauges) by coiling it around 4 times to secure the position. You notice there is about 1 inch thin wires that is unwrapped on the left so that you can hold it with your left hand while coiling the wires towards the right.


Step 2:

Continue to coil until it is about 4 inches long.


Step 3:

Pull the coiled thin wires. Set aside.


Step 4:

Now let’s make the main frame for the earrings. Cut approximately 3.5 inch of thick wires (18-gauge wires).


Step 5:

Cut approximately 28 inch of 26-gauge wires (thin wires) and attach it to the thick wires at step 4 by wrapping on one end for about 10 tiimes.


Step 6:

Now thread in the coiled wires into the thin wires from step 5.


Step 7:

Push the coiled wires towards the thick wires.


Step 8:

Now continue to wrap around the thick wires using the coiled wires. Use your left hand to hold the coiled part of the wires tightly to secure the position so that when you wrap the thicker part of the wires, it will not move.


Step 9:

Continue until the coiled wires are fully attached onto the thick wires. Then continue to wrap around the thick wires using the thin wires.


Step 10:

Wrap the thin wires for about 20 times.


Step 11:

Now take a mandrel with diameter about 2 cm (0.8 inch). Form a circle by wrapping the main frame around the mandrel.

You notice the ends of the thick wires are now crossed at the centre. Cut the excess wires on your right by leaving about 0.5mm above the round circle.


Remove the mandrel.


Step 12:

Similarly cut excess wires on your left by leaving about 1cm of left wires and make a loop.


Step 13:

Now continue to wrap the thin wires upwards until you reach the loop.


Step 14:

Bring the thin wires to the other side of the loop and continue wrapping the unwrapped area using the thin wires.


Step 15:

Once the full circle is fully wrapped, thread in a 8mm bead thru the thin wires.

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Step 16:

Attach the thin wires to the other end of the frame by wrapping it around 2-3 times.


Step 17:

Cut off excess wires. Use flat nose pliers to flatten the edge of the wire


Step 18:

Attach ear wires and continue to make one more earrings. You have completed a pair earrings!



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