DIY Barefoot Sandals!

Hello fellow beaders! We have so many designs which are for the neck, hands and ears, so why not something for feet? I was surfing through the internet and stumbled upon sandals that were said to be barefoot. I was thinking to myself: What has our crafters come up with this time? I pushed on to find out more about barefoot sandals. Lo and behold, barefoot sandals are popping up all over the place and the process to make them is as easy as pie! So, I have today something other than bracelets, necklaces or earrings; I have come to you with designs for what is trending: Barefoot Sandals!
There are so many ways to make these sandals; they range from beaded sandals to crocheted sandals!


First off, I shall introduce to you this Elegant Beaded Barefoot Sandal Anklet Tutorial. In this tutorial, Aleshia shows how to bring together a beautiful piece of barefoot sandal using beads. Her tutorial is crystal clear, just like her design, haha!


Next, I have another design used in a beach wedding. It is a short and sweet tutorial but still the design is beautiful!


You can change the colors and beads to suit your occasion, just like what IrisS did!


You can do a lot with barefoot sandals. The designs are endless, just like any jewelry design! You can use almost any medium, any type of technique to make yourself a pair of pretty barefoot sandals!


Here is another tutorial which uses the Chan Luu style wrap bracelets using waxed cord. The process is still simple and the outcome is beautiful!


This other tutorial also uses waxed leather jewelry string. And it shows you how to do the sandal on your feet itself!


As you all know, in the world of DIY, it is not limited to just beaded projects, it also includes everything else which is handmade (du-uh!).

Barefoot sandals can also be crocheted and tatted. Examples of them are as below:







Crochet pattern:


Tatted pattern


Oh! And here is one last design I came across that I would like to share with you lovelies, is, this lovely design which you can inspire you to do with your kids, nieces or your friend’s kids! It can be used as an activity if you have a slumber party for your little girls!


Here are some beads for you to check out!


Have fun barefoot sandal-ing!!


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