How to Securely End Your Strand of Pearls!

Howdy fellow readers! Today we will be exploring how to end strands of pearls properly, so that you do not need to be fearful that your strand is loose.

There are three methods on how to end your strand of pearls: French Wire, bead tips and directly attaching a clasp.

We will be diving into these three methods in this post. So without further ado, let us get started!



Method One: French Wire

French Wire is a wire which is a tiny wire coil which is also known as bullion. You can cut it according to how long or short you want. The threads are threaded through the French Wire to protect it from the abrasion of metal findings. We will learn how to use the French Wire.

To start, all you have to do is to thread your string through a pearl, the French Wire, the clasp, and through the pearl again.

Method Two: Bead tips

Bead tips are used so that the knots are hidden away at the end of the beaded strands and also to securely connect the strands to jump rings or the clasp. It has a clean and professional finish.

There are a few types of bead tips but they work the same, they will end in a knot and then hidden in the bead tips.

Types of bead tip:

1. Standard

2. Side Clamp-On

3. Bottom Clamp-On

To use the bead tip, you have to tie a knot big enough that the knot will not go through the hole in the bead tip. Trim the excess string and apply enough glue to ensure the knot stays in place.


*An alternative:

You can insert a seed bead inside the bead tip and then tie the knot, trim the excess string and apply a small amount of glue to keep the bead and knot in place.


After that, just ensure that the bead tip is properly closed. Tie another knot at your bead tip and you can carry on stringing your pearls.

Method Three: Directly attaching a clasp

How to attach a clasp: Make sure that the hole in the pearl is big enough for the string to go through two times. Go through the clasp, make a knot and pull it tight.

Continue stringing your pearls and knotting them in between.

To end this method, tie a knot AFTER you have strung on the clasp.

After, thread the string through the beads while knotting them in between.

And that is how you end your strand of pearls securely!

So these three methods are very able to hold your strand of pearls without fraying your string due to abrasion of the metal against the string. You do not need to worry so much about losing your pearls as these methods are pretty much secure! Wear your pearls proudly and show ’em off!!

Happy pearling!

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