Precious Gemstones for Jewelry Making

As the attractiveness of beading has developed over the years, significant sources of good-quality beads have been reproduced.

This can be seen by the many types of beads that are being produced; among the beads that are being made available for fellow beaders  (like us!), there is an incredible range of precious and semi-precious stones which have been turned into beads, and are now accessible for purchase at bead stores across the country as well from online stores.

Wearing these popular and precious gemstones is like holding secrets of the earth next to your skin.


One of the popular stone amongst the Garnet is the red garnet; it has 3 types of red, which is: Almandine, Pyrope or Rhodolite. It is more well-known as compared to other colors of garnet . The color-changing varieties of garnet also subsist. Garnet is the traditional and present birthstone of January based on the Western calendar. Garnets, with their wide range of varieties and colors have become a significant gem material throughout the history.


Natural Serendibite is particularly a rare stone, which were existed until 2005. If you want quality serendibite, it can only be found in Ratanapura area in Sri Lanka, and the Mogok stone tract in Northern Myanmar.  The name serendibite was originated from “Serendib”, an old Arabic name for Sri Lanka, where these valuable gemstones were exclusively found.


Jadeite is regarded as the classiest gemstone in the world. It is worth more than $3 million per carat. The price of this stone is attributed to its implausible rarity and awe-inspiring beauty. The amount of this stone as well as the degree of its transparency is simply amazing. Jadeite is effectively an indefinable sort of mineral, which is produced from silica. It is usually used for ornamental purposes and other kinds of decoration. Aside from green, it is typically available in other various shades such as pink, yellow, blue, and white. This valuable mineral was discovered from the rich lands of Guatemala and other states in California region.


After reading about these precious gemstones, you can only figure out how extremely sought-after these listed gemstones are. As they are beautiful stones that can produce beautiful, amazing works of art.

Here are examples of gemstones in the form of jewelry:

necklace bracelets earring

Those dollar figured-jewelry may seem quite very expensive, but these are some real treasures indeed that come from the most amazing and unusual finds and you can’t disagree with that. So why not invest in some precious gemstones so that you can have that extra edge in creating jewelry that blings!

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