Easy Technique for Knotting Between Pearls

Regardless of how you finish your necklaces, bracelets and the sorts of jewelry. Most of the time, these jewelry need knots between beads. Minerals, beads, and pearls should always have a knot between neighboring beads of similar types. In this article, the topic on an easy technique for knotting between pearls will be introduced to you.

Before starting to tie a strand, you will need to choose how the strand will be terminated or finished: French Wire, bead tips, or a directly attached clasp. This decision will find out how you begin and finish the knotting process.

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Pearls are precious, just like gemstones. Real pearls are expensive and so we need to take extra care of our precious pearls. First thing to remember, though any type of thread can be used to string pearls, it is best recommended to use silk thread.

Silk threads are soft and it will not damage the pearls. Though soft, they are durable enough to withstand the abrasion of the pearls. If you will plainly string pearls, hand knotting will do. Watch expert, Sandra Lupo teach you how.

With this method of knotting pearls, you can add the classic look of pearl knotting to the overall design of your jewelry. Use any colorful set of pearls and create your own pearl-knotted treasures!



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