3 Fabulous Macrame Bracelet Patterns

Are you looking for an eye-catching macrame bracelet patterns? Then you are going to want to check out Adrianne’s blazing macramé bracelet. Use this easy-to-follow tutorial to make a beautiful handmade bracelet. This beautiful DIY bracelet will curve around your wrist in a delicate fashion. This handmade bracelet is the perfect combination of a bold, modern color with a beautiful pattern in a classic touch.


Macrame Bracelet Patterns



If you have leftover beads, consider creating a macrame bracelet to complete this remarkable look. This DIY bracelet design makes you to try a unique wire wrapping technique. Learn how to craft an elegant macramé bracelet with this incredible project. From Monica’s tutorial, it teaches you how to have a cool textured bracelet. Everyone will be surprised to learn and to make this artisan-level bracelet for yourself!


Macrame Bracelet Patterns



Sit back and let the beads do all the work with various shades of macramé bracelet pattern. This bracelet creates a big impact, and a craft that is very easy to put together. You’ll be stunned that such simple bracelet making tutorial, it can yield an incredible outcome. The spectrum and the slanting weave spacers really works in this piece. Nikki’s project will inspire you a jewelry making master.


Macrame Bracelet Patterns

Want to try making macrame’ jewelry? Try using cords from Hemptique!




Eco-chic and bursting with color. Small 1mm diameter for stringing gemstones and other beads with smaller drill holes. Hemp cord is colorfast. Four 30-foot sections to a package: purple, pink, light blue and gold. Cord size can vary up to 0.2mm on the strand.



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