DIY Leather Accessories: Geometric Necklace

Leather and geometric are still hot trends right now. If you have tiny scraps of leather laying around, there’s no reason in the world to not making some of these trendy necklaces. You only need a couple of minutes for each.


In this tutorial by Catalina Saptelei, you will see how easy it is to maintain symmetry while working with leather layers. The secret is using triangles, which also happen to be the perfect shape for a necklace pendant.




    1. leather scraps
    2. leather or instant glue
    3. end crimps
    4. tools: scissors and pliers



Step 1: This is probably easiest way to make a trendy geometric leather pendant. And it

will take no more than 20 minutes to make one to match your every outfit. I know

sounds great, so let’s do it! You will need an end crimp with a connecting loop to hang the pendant. I used golden ones.


Step 2: There is a simple trick to it and this is working with triangles. Equilateral

triangles are easy to overlap and center, making great patterns and contrasts. Begin by

cutting out different sized triangles in different colors

Step 3: I used here a warm color scheme of yellow, deep orange and brick-red to match

the golden crimps I used

Step 4: Use a tiny bit of glue to secure the pieces together on their upper side. You will notice how easy it is to align the triangles on top of one another. Just use the pointy angle as guidance.

Step 5: You don’t need much glue, so make sure it doesn’t leak sideways. The metallic end crimp will most likely keep the pieces together by itself.

Step 6: The work is almost done now. You only need to check the alignment. If your glue sets more slowly, you can readjust a bit. Make sure you allow for drying time according to instructions.

Step 7: The last step is to add the end crimp as a connector and a finishing touch. If your chain or cord is wider, you may also need to add a jump ring large enough to pass it through.


Step 8: I used thin chain and the crimp loop was large enough. This also provided a more minimal look.

Step 9: One down, more to go. After you’ll see how easy this is, you won’t stop to just one.


Step 10: Consider making two or three in similar colors but different shapes and layer them. Make sure the chains are of different lengths.



Step 11: Aren’t these the easiest and quickest DIY leather pendants?

Step 12: But there’s no reason to stick to triangles. If you feel up to it, try other shapes and methods. I call this one “leather mosaic”.




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