DIY Beaded Star

It’s beading tutorial time! This is one of the simplest RAW tutorials to learn. I wanted to make beaded stars but the formula for making them wasn’t conducive to incorporating larger beads to create a more 3D look which I found the rondelles provide without having to incorporate multiple layers of RAW, making it easy for a beginner. You can turn this pattern into anything; earrings, pendant, bracelet.

60cm of Monofilament from the spool
25 4×6 faceted rondelles (I’m using Aqua coloured ones, but you can use whichever colour you prefer)


Right Angle Weave (RAW)





1. Cut 60cm of monofilament from your spool. Thread on 10 rondelle, leaving a three inch tail, and chase your thread back up through the ten beads you just added. Go through the first bead one more time in order to complete a circle.


beading tutorialdiy beaded star



2. Thread 3 beads onto your wire, skip over the next bead in the circle and thread your wire through the next bead.


diy beaded stardiy beaded star



3. Thread 3 beads onto your wire, skip over the next bead in the circle and thread your wire though the next bead.


*Now, if you look at the your work, to me it looks like a cat so if you like the look of the cat, just thread your wire through your work a few more times and tie off.


diy beaded stardiy beaded star



4. You’re going to keep add three beads and skipping over the next bead in the circle three more times.


diy beaded stardiy beaded star

diy beaded stardiy beaded star

diy beaded stardiy beaded star



5. You should now have all five points in the star done. Run your thread through the points once more to reinforce the work. Run it through around the circle until the two ends meet and tie off. Hide your thread in a few more beads before cutting it.


diy beaded star



You’ve now completed the beaded star. You can experiment with different bead types and sizes, I have used pearls in 6mm but they don’t have the same dimensional effect as the rondelles I’ve found.

diy beaded star



I’ve been beading for about two and a half years now, I teach jewelry classes at my local craft store where I also work and I’ve recently started by own jewelry business. I’ve been crafting since I was a child and have since stepped up my beading from a hobby into something I do almost everyday. I enjoy teaching others how to make jewelry and I can’t wait to continue to teach you.  – Keri Dudas, Guest Contributor




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