Cubic Right Angle Weave beading

Anybody who is a fan of Right Angle Weave technique? Well, I am – be it Single Needle Right Angle Weave or Double Needle Right Angle Weave. It is a fun and easy technique in creating beaded jewelries. It was also the first beadweaving technique I’ve learned. What I like about flat Right Angle Weave is that you can embellish your beadwork in many ways, but what amazes me about this technique is a variation called the Cubic Right Angle Weave.


cubic right angle weave



From afar and at a quick glance, cubic right angle weave can be mistaken as a Peyote Tube, especially if bead embellishments has been woven, covering the spaces in between the units of RAW. But looking closely, unlike a peyote tube the cubic right angle has sides, just like what a cube looks like. The top, bottom and all sides of the cube represents 1 unit of RAW and each unit is connected to each other.


cubic right angle weave


How do you do it? First, create 1 unit of RAW as the bottom part of the cube. From this 1st unit, you then build the 4 sides of the cube. We all know from basic right angle weave that each unit of RAW consists of 4 beads and since all units are connected to each other, there will be beads already in place to complete the succeeding units.


cubic right angle weavecubic right angle weavecubic right angle weavecubic right angle weave



At first, it is a little intimidating how do you make the sides stand up so that it looks like a cube. When you’re about to complete the last unit, side 4 of the cube and added the last bead you’ll see the beadwork starts to cup up and the sides are formed.


Once you get the hang of weaving and familiarized yourself with the thread path in just a matter of minutes you can build cubes connected to each other.


cubic right angle weavecubic right angle weave



Cubic Right Angle Weave is a sturdy structure of beadwork. Though the technique is not often used by a lot of beadweavers but just like the popular Tubular Peyote and Tubular Herringbone, you can create sturdy pieces of cubic right angle weave necklaces, like this beautiful necklaces from NEDBeads.




Cubic Right Angle Weave is also great for creating bracelets, bangles and in forming different shapes.




I hope I’ve inspired you to learn Cubic Right Angle Weave. I’m sure you’ll have fun with the technique as I did and plans to create more cubic right angle weave beaded jewelries!


cubic right angle weave


This tutorial will teach you Cubic Right Angle Weave. This stitch is a variation of Flat Right Angle Weave. Learning Cubic Right Angle will give you other options to create a bracelet and a necklace. Playing with different color pattens you can create so many variations that can either be elegant or fun and vibrant!


The PDF copy has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.





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