Beading Pattern: Twin Rigate Beaded Ring

Alas! I was able to bead again!!! It’s been a month that I was not able to create but it seems like centuries already LOL. I miss this every week where I share simple beading projects and when I found free time, I pulled out my crayons and created a beading pattern. I guess I was so excited I’m surprised I finished 3 beaded rings ๐Ÿ™‚ Here they are!


twin rigate ring beading pattern


I first created the blue beaded ring but when I started with the mauve shades 11/0 seed beads, I knew it right away that it’ll be my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ But of course, these 3 beaded rings will all be mine and mine only LOL

twin rigate ring beading pattern



So, how did I create the ring? Using Peyote Stitch I created 2 flat triangles and combined them into one. I started with 3 beads to form the side beads and then with Herringbone Stitch weaved 2 beads at a time to form the corners.


triangle beading patterntriangle beading pattern



Combining Herringbone and Peyote stitch, I weaved around using 2 beads for the corners and 1 bead on every side.


triangle beading pattern



Now as I weave rounds and rounds of Herringbone and Peyote Stitch the flat triangle will grow bigger and the number of side beads will increase.


triangle beading pattern



Basically that’s just about it ๐Ÿ™‚ I created 2 flat triangles with an additional row on the 2nd triangle. Zipped the 2 together and then weaved seed beads to form the ring band.


twin rigate ring beadiing patterntwin rigate ring beading patern

twin rigate ring beading pattern









To quickly show you, here is my beading pattern for the Twin Rigate Beaded Ring. I did not color the graph using the same shades, showing from light to dark because they might not be clear on the image. I figured using different colors you will clearly see the division of colors on the pattern. From here, you can experiment with your own choice of colors.


beading pattern



For basic flat triangle beading you can find instructions HERE. For zipping up a flat peyote you can find a good tutorial HERE. For a blank triangle graph, you can find it at Anabel Beading Patterns. We’ll soon release a tutorial in PDF copy with detailed instructions, showing how to weave the Twin Rigate Beaded Ring that you’ll find at DIY Beading Club.


twin rigate ring beading pattern



Happy beading!



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