Superdou Tubular Peyote Beading Tutorial

Hey guys 🙂 It’s been awhile since I shared my own beading tutorial but here’s one that I hope you’ll like. Today, we’ll be having Superdou Tubular Peyote Beading Tutorial and you’ll learn how to create a beaded beaded shaped like a barrel 🙂


superdou tubular peyote beading



Creating the beaded barrel you must at least have basic knowledge on Peyote Stitch with Superdou or Twin Beads. You can follow this basic tutorial on Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads.


Prepare some Superdou in 2 colors and Fireline beading thread. I chose topaz and black. String 5 Superdous  –  black, topaz, black, topaz, topaz. Form a circle, your round 1 following Fig. 1 and come out the 1st Superdou strung and then step-up on Fig. 2.


Following the thread direction from Fig 2 do a Circular Peyote Stitch with Superdous. Follow the pattern on the diagram to achieve the spiral effect of the colors. This is your round 2.





Pull the thread tight so Round 1 will start to cup up.  Step-up following Fig 4 and from here, weave round 3.




Continue weaving rounds of Tubular Peyote until you have 10 rounds.



You’ll see that following the pattern you’ll achieve the spiral effect of the colors.



To finish off, close the final round to form the tube. Pull the thread tight to keep the ends close.



Now, explore how you can use the beaded barrel. I created 3 beaded barrels and used them as a components to form a bangle! The pearls and bead caps are added components to add a sparkle and design 🙂

superdou tubular peyote beading


I like it when I create my own bangles 🙂 It sure is a perfect fit!

superdou tubular peyote beading



Hope you like my Superdou Tubular Peyote Beading tutorial 🙂 If you want to explore how to use the beaded barrels visit l43 Beaded Barrel Bangle Tutorial HERE. The PDF copy includes a detailed instructions on Tubular Peyote and how to create the bangle. Have fun beading and happy weekend!





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    1. es hernoso este trabajo spiral me enccanto gracias por compartirlo


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