How to Make Beaded Wire Earrings

If you’re a beginner for jewelry making, this tutorial is the best place to begin. These earrings have an elegant and classic looks that coordinate very well with any other set of jewelry you may already own. Earrings are considered as one of the easiest jewelry crafts for beginners to create, most especially if you have the right sets of tools in your hand. These beaded earrings are usually fun and reasonably priced way to add the perfect touch to any outfit. Colleen shown an imaginative way to show off your abilities and individuality. These handmade earrings are like miniature crafts of art and make an elegant statement on your own.


Zoraidabros handmade beaded earrings are ideal mostly for beginners because they don’t need to take a lot of time or tools, and serve as a great experience for beaders that looking for an easy craft! In fact, this tutorial is also a perfect way to practice latest technique and develop your work with suitable design and color. Whether you select to create these earring patterns or use the earring style to form your own masterpiece, anyone deserves a little treat now and then. Indulge yourself or your someone special by giving a souvenir of a pair of handmade beaded earrings. You are sure to find happiness and motivation for the beaded earring jewelry presented in this tutorial.



Have you ever tried to create your own statement piece for an ultimate artisan look? This tutorial is one of several options you can have using basic tools you already have. This wire and beaded earrings can be a unique jewelry for any special event. It is simple to create from glass beads and wire. The beads simply add shines to the ends of wire strands, and provides main design element in the earrings. Angela simply implemented a simple wiring technique that you can do with an easy beaded selection.Express your design ideas by creating a variety of simple beaded earring combination.








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