DIY Basic Circular Netting StitchTutorial

Does this image on the left from look familiar to you? When I was a kid I used to see this familiar design on our round dining table – on the lazy daisy. 🙂 Mom is an awesome crafter who does crocheting and beadweaving. Sometimes I would see beaded doilies like this image on the right from This familiar beaded design is called the Circular Netting Stitch.



Circular Netting Stitch is a beading technique that when finished looks like a flower or a star. It is easy to understand as you only have to weave in one direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise as you work your rounds. Each round consists of beads and in order to achieve the arches you need to do an increase netting stitch.  Learning the basic will help you explore many ways how you can use the netting stitch.


First, start with an even number of beads. Divide that number of beads strung with an XXX number to determine your accent beads. The accent beads will also determine how many arches your circular netting will have. As an example on this image there are 16 beads. Divided by 4 – I had every 4th bead in color blue as my accent beads. Create a circle and come out the 1st accent bead strung. (Fig. 1). This will be your 1st round.


From accent bead to accent bead you have 5 beads. Usually you only need to add 2 beads to determine the number of beads for the 2nd round. After you created the 1st round string 7  beads with your accent bead at the center (Fig. 2).


circular netting stitch



Weave around the 1st round, passing through the accent beads only.  You now have 4 arches on your 2nd round.  Do your step-up and pass through the 1st arch, coming out of the accent bead.

circular netting stitch



Now, as you weave going outward continue to create arches by increasing the number of beads strung.  The 3rd round now consists of 9 beads with the accent bead.




Weave around the 2nd round and then do your step-up. From here you can work  your way around and around, creating arches of beads. You can play with color and different size of accent beads if you like.

circular netting stitch



When it comes to bezeling, aside from the popular Peyote Stitch, Netting Stitch can also be used to bezel gemstones, especially flat and big gemstones. Depending on how big your gemstone is, simply work your way around, creating arches by increasing the number of beads until the netting stitch can cup the gemstone. And then weave the back side with decrease netting stitch until you bezel the gemstone.










Play with beads of different size and shapes as I did with the Midnight Violets. The center are twin beads, my accents are pearls combined with seed beads. Create your own bail and voila! You have your very own fabulous beaded jewelry!





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