Perfect Ideas for Making Beaded Jewelry


Rhinestone-brooch-and-bead-necklace is considered as sophisticated, expensive-looking, beaded jewelry. Bev’s rhinestone brooches displayed a stunning scarves and lapels, which gives a predominantly high-class look to any women’s outfit. Craftiness Is Not Optional truly inspired anyone to craft their own rhinestone brooch beaded jewelry using basic jewelry supplies. This sparkly-beaded pendant is a stylish addition to an either bridesmaid’s dress or bouquet. Though making the flower brooches beaded jewelry will take some time well, it still blooms and serves as a perfect jewelry accent for any special event.


Monica’s macrame bracelets are made from a sequence of knots that produce a specific pattern. In fact, Smitten By A Knotto is rewarding beaded jewelry craft because the tools you’re need are quite minimal. So, you can choose any colors of beads accordingly. This meticulously and well-handcrafted beaded jewelry features a lovely and enchanting charm that makes you smile and taking this pattern simply adds a perfect glamour to your outfit every time you wear it.



If you love crafting beaded earrings and looking for some latest ideas, then try out Rebecca’s cluster beaded earring craze! From wirework to head pins, this beaded jewelry  pattern covers up the wide range of beading techniques. My Girlish Whims enclosed a more detailed statement of the earrings that gives a classic look. Learn how to make these jewelry beaded earrings using small beads. This set of earrings is so handy and can be crafted in several ways and endless possibilities, as well.



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