Beading Valentine’s Project: My Sweet Heart Pendant

It’s an early Valentine’s Day here at the club! 🙂 Yup I’m preparing early for the coming hearts day so for my first beading project for this year I created a cute beaded pendant I called, “My Sweet Heart Pendant.”


The heart using Single Needle Right Angle Weaving technique. It is okay with Double Needle RAW, but I find it easier to weave with only 1 hand and pulling the thread with the same tension.



Working with Right Angle Weave enables you to create units composed of 4 beads. From start to finish you’ll weave clockwise and counter-clockwise as you link units of RAW and form your desired shape.



The heart is 3D, which makes it interesting, learning how to weave those nice curves and how to weave the inside of the heart 🙂





Measuring 38.5mm x 30.5mm, hang the pendant using pearls, or a chain, or any choice of necklace and voila!



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Prepare some 3mm pearls in (F) dk fuschia & (C) cream, 15/0 bronze seed beads, and 11/0 bronze seed beads. Explore My Sweet Heart Pendant Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l38. Wear it on a special occasion and look sweet as sweet as your heart 🙂 Happy beading everyone 🙂



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    1. it’s gorgeous, can wait to try it


    2. May I show other people how to do this ?


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