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Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Just 2 more days and it’s New Year 🙂 It was a great year of learning how to bead and make jewelry with you guys and I hope to spend the coming years, still sharing tutorials and making handmade jewelries! For now, let’s look back at the last week of December 2013 with our round-up free tutorials and jewelry making news.



Tips for Selling Handmade Jewelry

Selling Handmade Jewelry 4

Today, jewelry is considered as “perfect accessories for personal embellishment”. Jewelry has become remarkably famous because of the public’s’ desire for objects that are exciting, extraordinary, and extremely individual. A lot of consumers are turning away from department store to shop and market jewelry as well as, craving for exceptional, delicately crafted, independently produced, handmade jewelries to embellish their bodies. Read more…


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Rings

Handmade Rings 2

It is already Christmas eve and if you do not have that perfect present to give away for the Holidays then I do hope that this last minute fabulous handmade ring designs would give you an idea of what to make.  All these designs picked out for the handmade rings are easy to create and versatile enough for your own personal touch. Read more…


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Earrings

Handmade Earrings 4

Merry merry Christmas everyone!  Finally Christmas day is here 🙂 Time to open those presents under the tree 😀  Wait? Still empty handed on what to give for your loved ones for today?  Do not fret 🙂 Try this last minute Christmas gift ideas.  You would be able to finish these handmade earrings in no time at all. Read more…


DIY Jewelry: Beaded Chain Bracelet

Beaded Chain Bracelet 2

Bead Style‘s jewelry making tips facilitate those aspiring crafters who are not even pleased with their beaded and chain bracelet.  These jewelry making tips give intensification to the instructions provided by Naomi.  It perfectly shows the power behind this method.  Once you have completed making this bracelet, you will be capable to create various and unique bracelets. Read more…


How to make pendants with DIY Beading Club

how to make pendants

Considered to be the earliest type of bodily adornment, pendant in Latin word is pendere; meaning,”to hang down.” As early as the primeval ages, pendants existed on beautiful rocks with holes loosely hanging from vines, supposed to be a necklace and hung around the neck. In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs used scarab beetle pendants that symbolizes power and wealth. Read more…






DIY Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads

diy peyote stitch

Here it is! This is a pair of earrings created using flat Peyote Stitch and with Twin Beads. Explore DIY Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads and the basics can lead to numerous and fabulous designs! Read more… recommended jewelry making tutorials


How to Make Brick Stitch and Fringe Beaded Earrings – Watch here…



2 Bead Spiral Stitch Earrings – Watch here



DNA Beaded Earrings: How to weave a double helix with beads by Gwen Fisher – Watch here…




DIY Beading Club recommended Holiday jewelry tutorials

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