Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Earrings

Merry merry Christmas everyone!  Finally Christmas day is here 🙂 Time to open those presents under the tree 😀  Wait? Still empty handed on what to give for your loved ones for today?  Do not fret 🙂 Try this last minute Christmas gift ideas.  You would be able to finish these handmade earrings in no time at all.

Handmade Earrings 1


How about a 10-minute leaf earring?  Yup, for sure you would be able to do this in 10 minutes or under.  Check out this tutorial in My Girlish Whims blog site.  Although you may have a bit of a trouble in looking for metal leaves as what was used in the project, I am sure you would be able to find an alternative in your favorite craft store…or even in your closet 🙂  Aside from the leaf charms, you would of course be needing some jump rings, earring hooks, and pliers in assembling this handmade earrings.



Handmade Earrings 2

Still 10 minutes is too long for you?  Then why not try this 5-minute cluster earrings.  Go visit the One Dog Woof blog site for the detailed tutorial on how the cluster earrings are made in under 5 minutes.  This time, finding charms would not be a problem because all you need would be different types of beads.  You could very well use seed beads, teardrop beads, or crimp beads in making these beautiful handmade earrings.  You can even make use of pearls as you wish.



Handmade Earrings 3


Still even faster to make are these 3-minute red bead earrings as featured in a tutorial in the Henry Happened blog site.  Instead of beads, you can actually make use of crystals in making these fabulous handmade earrings.  If you are really not a fan of the red color, you can go ahead and make use of different bead colors like pink perhaps?  You can even make use of yellow or green or even lilac.  It really is your choice.  You would also need some headpins for this one.  So how about that for 3 minutes or under?  I am sure you won’t be caught empty handed this Christmas day 🙂





Next up we have designs from the Live Journal site.  I specifically appreciate the detailed instructions on how to make crystal snowflake charms and shimmering beaded snowflake pattern.  Both can be done under an hour and even beginners could actually make this incredible handmade earring designs.  There is no limit on what materials you would want to use in making this snowflake pattern design.  You can even deviate and make a variety of patterns basing on how the snowflake pattern is threaded.  For example, try making only the diamond shapes in the snowflake and clustering them together.  That will totally be a new design already which can be wearable whole year round.  As I always say, the possibilities for your creativity is limitless 🙂  Enjoy and have a merry merry Christmas everyone!

Handmade Earrings 4Handmade Earrings 5










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