How to make wire jewelry with Issue 26

Here’s our DIY Beading Club update! We’ve released Issue 26 for Platinum Package and you’ll learn how to make wire jewelry 🙂



Issue 26 will teach you essential wire jewelry techniques to create earrings from simple to fab! Learn wire wrapping and wire manipulation and you’ll have a pendant with your Zodiac Sign that you can also create for your friends. Issue 26 will also teach you wire twisting that can eventually lead to numerous wire jewelry creations! Learn a few more tips and you’ll come up with a bangle 🙂


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If you like immediate access you’ll find Issue 26 available on Single Issue Purchase


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…but if you want to have access to all beading and wire jewelry tutorials then Gold is the perfect membership package for you!


Gold Membership








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Check out our Comparison Chart for different membership packages and see how you can enjoy learning jewelry making that suits your time and budget 🙂



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