DIY Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads


This is a pair of earrings created using flat Peyote Stitch and with Twin Beads. It’s not very visible on the image but there are tiny seed beads, 15/0 yellow green seed beads on the sides, matched with yellow green briolettes or tear drop beads.











Additional materials are jump rings and ear wiresThe purpose of the tutorial is to teach how to weave Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads. Let’s start!

Step 1: Cut an arm span of thread and string 5 twin beads.


Step 2: Pick up another twin bead and going left, skip the next twin bead and pass the next. Remember there are 2 holes so you need to pass the thread into the upper hole.


Pull the thread and this is how it should look like.


Step 3: Repeat Step 2 one more time.


Step 4: Complete the row by picking up a twin bead. This time going right, pass the thread back through the twin bead from the previous row. Pull the thread. Do a step-up and have your thread come out the upper hole of the last twin bead added.


On the diagram you can follow the thread path.



Step 5: Start your 4th row by picking up a twin bead. Skip the next twin and pass the next. Repeat 2x.



Step 6: Continue with your 5th row and pick up a twin bead. Pass the thread into the 2nd hole of the next twin bead. Pick up a twin again. Skip the next twin and pass the next.



Step 7: Now you reached the end of the row. Repeat Step 4 to complete the row.



Step 8: Continue to add rows until you reach your desired length. On this tutorial, I have 12 rows.


Step 9: Weave back through several twin beads and have your thread come out the 1st row, with your thread going inward.  Pick up a 15/0 seed bead and connect the tip of the twins from the 1st row.



Step 10: String 5 15/0 seed beads and then your briolette.


Next, pick up 2 15/0 seed beads the pass the thread the 3rd 15/0 you 1st strung. Pick 2 more seed beads and pass the thread and connect to the bead at the tip of the twin bead.



On the diagram you can follow the thread path.


Step 11: Now, pass through several twin beads and have your thread come out the sides. Pick up a 15/0 and weave through the sides of the twin beads.


Step 12: When you reach the 12th row, add a 13th row and repeat Step 9, connecting the tip of the twin beads using 11/0 seed bead. Then repeat Step 11 to add the 15/0s on the other side.



Step 13: When you’re finished, secure your thread and cut off excess. Attach a jump ring and your ear wire.


I hope you liked the tutorial 🙂 Explore DIY Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads and the basics can lead to numerous and fabulous designs! Happy weekend!



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    1. I am also self taught, and love your tutorials, it helps me understand the placement of beads better. Usually I just place and hope I get what I’m trying to achieve. Again thank you


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