DIY Christmas Earrings

Christmas is just a few days away and I hope that you have already an idea on what to give your loved ones this season.  But do not worry if you are still thinking about it because I sure hope the designs featured in this post would inspire you to make that perfect gift.  These DIY Christmas earrings would surely make a fantastic present.  You can also wear them to your Christmas parties and make a statement.


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Let us start with a design that is featured in the Small Good Things blog.  The author, Emi, featured a tutorial on how to make simple needle felted earrings.  For this DIY Christmas earrings, she used some wool fiber, a pair of ear wires, some head pins and bead caps in addition to her tools.  You can use a variety of colors of the wool fiber for your base.  Use you favorite Christmas color 🙂

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I really love visiting the Mill Lane Studio‘s blog by author Mylene Hillam because she features various earring designs that is very much into the Christmas theme.  These designs are part of her 12 Days of Christmas project.  One particular design that I love is her snow cone filigree earrings.  The tutorial for this DIY Christmas earrings can be seen on this link.  The only difficult part in making this earring is looking for the right filigree cones but I sure hope your favorite arts, crafts, and jewelry store would be able to provide them.  You would also need some glass pearls, preferably red, but you can use any color you would want to, bead caps, crystal rondelles, and some ball beads.  Another tutorial she featured in one of her posts is how to make some spiral evergreen earrings which is a design perfect for this holiday season.  For this she used a 20g silver wire and a cone shaped molder to create the tree shape design.  She also used a variety of seed beads to adorn this cute little trinkets.  Still from the Mill Lane Studio blog is another very beautiful earring design that is just for Christmas 🙂  This DIY Christmas earring is called the wire wrapped Christmas candy earrings.  This is not that easy or simple to make but if you love wire wrapped jewelry and you have already practiced your wire wrapping skills, then you would just need some crystal bicones, different Christmas charms, and jump rings and I am sure you would be able to follow the steps in making these gorgeous Christmas earrings.

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I also love the DIY Christmas earring design featured in the Domestic Diva‘s blog site.  The earrings are called the twin bead Christmas wreath earrings and the tutorial on how to make these fabulous trinkets can be found here.  She used the basic materials in making these earrings like seed beads and a couple of wires and I am sure you would be able to follow her step by step procedure.  I sure hope that these designs brought some inspiration to your day 🙂


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