DIY Beading Club Membership Updates

Hello DIY Beading Club creme’ dela creme’ members! As you all know, every month there is something exciting to await for at the club so here’s some updates for our major Membership Packages!



First on the list is Platinum PackageMonthly Lesson Plan Issue 26 has been released!


diy beading


Every 10th of the month a new Issue will be published with 5 jewelry making tutorials chosen by us. Tutorials on each Issue will cater to all skill levels and Issue 26 will teach you all about making wire jewelries!


Platinum Package is a subscription type of membership where Issue # will correspond to to a Platinum member’s month of subscription.  Your 1st month will start at Issue 1. Check out all Monthly Lesson Plans HERE 


10.90 Per Month Banner








Tutorials for Titanium Members has been updated as well!


Titanium Membership Unlimited Access To Jewelry Lessons;


If you’re a Titanium Member and on your 19th month of subscription you’ll be able to access the following tutorials!




..and for our BEST Membership Package, GOLD enjoy ALL TUTORIALS you’ll find at the Lessons Gallery any time you like!


diy beading

diy beading


The Lessons Gallery has over 100 beading, wirework, chainmaille and crochet tutorials combined and still counting!


Gold Membership



Interested? Choose your options how to enjoy our jewelry making tutorials that suits your budget and time 🙂



Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Sky Aldovino

I am a self-taught beadweaver who loves to learn and share her knowledge on jewelry making through blogging and published tutorials you'll find at DIY Beading

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